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Phi Sigma Kappa aims to create a culture of men who illustrate our Cardinal Principles – to promote brotherhood, to stimulate scholarship, and to develop character. We take both tangible and intangible steps toward these goals each day through our chapters, programs, and services. We seek to improve ourselves while enhancing those around us. Phi Sigma Kappa demands the best from you, and you will get the best from us in return.

Phi Sigma Kappa has approximately 105,000 total members, with nearly 3,000 current undergraduates. We have 80 active chapters and colonies located throughout the United States. Our members give more than 1,500 volunteer hours towards Special Olympics and other philanthropies each year, and we have hundreds of unpaid volunteers who have your life and your future at heart.

Phi Sigma Kappa is more than a brotherhood for college; it’s a brotherhood for life.


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