member benefits


Joining Phi Sigma Kappa will provide you a sense of community. One of the main characteristics that make a Fraternity different than any other student organization you will join in college is the fact that membership is a lifetime. The relationships you make in college will continue and be maintained well beyond your undergraduate years.


Members of Phi Sigma Kappa take great pride in scholastic achievement. The All-Phi Sigma Kappa GPA and the Phi Sigma Kappa New Member GPA consistently surpass the All-Men’s GPA on our chapter's campuses. Also, studies have shown that students who are members of fraternities are more likely to graduate when compared to students who are not affiliated with a Greek organization.


The Fraternity has many leadership opportunities available for its members. Not only will members be able to hold leadership positions within their individual chapters and their local Greek communities, but members will also have the opportunity to attend numerous regional and national events, programs, and leadership classes designed to sharpen their leadership skills.


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