new member education

To perpetuate Phi Sigma Kappa, chapters should educate their members in all aspects of fraternity life. To ensure strong and successful leadership for the future, chapters need to provide a member education program that contains all the ingredients necessary to develop tomorrow’s leaders. The attitudes and information they receive from this program will determine the chapter’s direction and spirit for some time. The “bottom line” then, is that members must go through a member education program that continues to educate and develop responsible, active, involved, knowledgeable and dedicated brothers.

The intent of this program is to ensure continued member education on the history, values and purpose of the Fraternity, providing opportunities for personal development, and allowing for education on the local history of the local chapter. It is to be used in conjunction with, Hills and a Star, the member manual of Phi Sigma Kappa.

To plan an effective program, the new member educator must first examine the purpose of new member education. The goal of Phi Sigma Kappa's new member education program is to develop qualified, participating members of our organization, not to make good ―pledges.

The "New" New Member Education Program will be designed to teach the fundamentals of being an effective member of the fraternity so that the chapter, campus, and community, will enjoy the future leadership of these young men. 

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